Miami, FL and Haiti

A small company doing its part in supporting economic growth in Haiti and the US. We offer a few different services with our teams in Miami, FL and Haiti.

Our trophies are made in HAITI

We have 5000 trophies in stock and ready go! The idea behind this project came about in 2 parts.

First a few years ago our company President, Lance Durban, visited a Chinese plastic injection vender and noticed they were making trophies by the thousands. He carried a sample back home to Haiti, where it has been sitting among a collection of samples.

Cut back to the start of Covid-19, 65 year old Lance was watching the devastating news about Coronavirus pandemic unfold. With hundreds of thousands of deaths, and the difficult working conditions for those essential workers, he decided he wanted to do something to honor these people. It was time to wake up the hibernating trophy idea!!

We incorporated our manufacturing capabilities with a project to honor people that save so many lives. We sourced the wooden base from a local woodshop in Haiti, assembled the 5000 trophies with our employees, who might have otherwise lost their jobs, as our Beadworx department business was slow during this time.

We use our laser marking machine to engrave your healthcare heroes name onto this customized nameplate for your trophy. You’ll get a standard nameplate on your initial trophy delivery, and you can request the customized nameplate on our site here to be shipped to you. You’ll get a mini screwdriver with your trophy, keep that to use to replace the standard nameplate with the personalized one you request here.

Help make this honoring of healthcare workers a sensation!!

We Offer Shipping by Sea or Air

Our shipping services include getting your stuff from Haiti with any number of transport options we offer by sea or air. Even packing them for you if you choose that option!

  • Contact us here or call us in Haiti 509-2943-1201 for the address to drop off your goods .
  • Our team in Haiti will receive your goods at our dock in Port-au-Prince and make sure it arrives safely in Miami.
  • On the other end, our folks in our Miami office handle your precious cargo the minute it lands on US territory, so no lost packages when shipping with us. And, we make sure to get it delivered to you your way.Port-au-Prince to the US and abroad!

Can’t Fit It in My Suitcase Problem Solved!!

For all those who have visited the marché en fer at Croix-des-bouquets and found the most perfect piece from one of the artisans but couldn’t possibly fit it in THAT suitcase!

Buy that large beautiful piece from that artisan, buy those gifts for friends and colleagues and family; don’t hold back, support the artisans, and we will support you by getting them to you safe and sound without overweighing your luggage!

2 ways to get the artwork pieces to us

  • You drop it at our dock for processing.We are just minutes from the PAP airport. Please plan to allow up to 30 minutes to process your request if dropping off before catching your flight. Click here for emailed instructions.
  • You ask the artisan to contact our point man in Croix-des-Bouquets to deliver the goods to our dock, or he drops it himself depending on how you have arranged it with him.

We've Got You Covered

Our Miami warehouse, has 10,000 sq feet of space. If you have a container to unload, and need to have your goods packed and shipped to your customers in the US and abroad, we’ve got you covered. If you’ve got an online store and need storage in a warehouse and orders fulfilled, we can help. 

Even, if you’ve got some packages that need to be shipped from Port-au-Prince, Haiti; get in touch with us. Our team offers excellent packing, warehousing and distribution services, with great customer attention.

Give us a call at 305-888-2800 (Miami Office) or 509-2943-1201 (Haiti plant) or leave us a message to learn about our affordable rates.

BEADWORX By Extol Ltd.

A small team of 20 fulltime employees, and a number of indiviuals in communities have been trained to develop the skill to weave these whimscal handmade pieces of art with strings of beads.

We made contact with church leaders, with their help, we found some mostly women looking forward to this small job opportunity they can do on their own time at home. A breath of hope to the many who have few options in Haiti’s difficult economy.

Part of our mission is to increase job opportunities in Haiti. Wider access to the world market provides endless opportunities for growth for people in Haiti.

We appreciate your support of these beautiful handmade unique glass beaded sculptures,
Visit www.beadworx.us to get yours!

Warehousing and Distribution

When you have a container to unload, or need to get your goods packed and shipped for Shopify orders to your customers in the US and abroad, hire us!


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