Corona Virus Trophy

A Healthcare Hero trophy is meant to be gifted to the people who have been involved in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Nurses, Doctors, and other essential employees, who put themselves on the frontlines to help care for others, deserve personalized gifts that add an extra touch of caring to their own lives. These customizable trophies are assembled in HAITI by the team of 20 people who also make a product called BEADWORX!

Coronavirus Customized Trophy

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Shipping Services

Our shipping services include getting your stuff from Haiti with any number of transport options we offer by sea or air. Even packing them for you if you choose that option!

Contact us here or call us in Haiti 509-2943-1201 for the address to drop off your goods.


Warehousing and Distribution

When you have a container to unload, or need to get your goods packed and shipped for Shopify orders to your customers in the US and abroad, we’ve got you covered! Our Miami team offers excellent warehousing services.

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Beadworx Products

The same amazing team of 20 people who build the corona virus trophies also handcraft our BEADWORX. You can order them here.